No milk today!

No milk today


How to become Australian? Seriously, I won`t forget the slogan. Nevertheless, in fact I was not up to get another nationality, moreover I guess I enjoyed the continents most famous beer. It´ s overwhelming, that my language skills are enough to communicate in nearly every country on the planet except Austria and Switzerland.

If you see progress in human development in this, the “ORIGINAL” print based on the top of the bottle should satisfy your mind. What the hell would have been happened, if Australia had never become a british colony? Columbus in addition would not have found America instead of India?

I really found a simple answer: Europe would be even poorer as it is already. Brain poorness. Races would have got a chance for evolution and to create own drink specialities. Well, without war and mighty weapons we speak about a timeless aspiration.

Pretty boring for each generation, not just ours. An even more useless comment would be to tell you, that nature decided to let the stronger survive. My only problem is the opinion of the church, which prays for equality of every human being, which is given by god?

These men are not able to tolerate their own “brothers” and “sisters”, they cannot accept the truth. Evolution. Bad habits of monkeys. They fake themselves and their “sheep”. Cruelty on animals and enemies was always allowed and forever will be. The pope prays for peace a few times a year. He does not see, that exactly his attacks against other believes and the instincts in all of us cause following fact:

RELIGION is the poison, which holds society back from world peace. Religion is the reason for nearly everything, which is bad on earth. Religion is a human creation. Otherwise we would just have a row for food, as animals do.

Please note: I` m having a pint of lager right now. Aidana has been raped at the same time in Afghanistan, because women have no rights in these “religious” areas. In Russia some gentlemen take care of their population while having delicious seafood.

Movie stars cry at the Broadway because of poverty in Africa. Flashlight. Nice suit. Nice Twitter feed.

Dear reading person, please note again: There are also people without religion in China, cruel like an animal never could be. The earth´ s problem: OUR BRAIN!

The only thing I` d like to mention at the end: Old-fashioned men in Rome and Mecca should see: We are an anti-environment-evolution, destroying our own world! 24/7!! However, there is no milk today. In need original human drinks now. Found a nice brewery in Germany: Monkey´ s draught!

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